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CD Business Card:

Custom CD Presentations and Business Card CDs / Biz Card CDs are an excellent way to get your message out.

Whether as a CD Presentation, CD Business Card / Biz Card CD, Digital Resume or custom software, your options are only limited by your imagination. Include a link to your website, a sponsor website, audio, or even Flash animation in your custom CD presentation. We can even create a built-in audio player.

Your CD presentation can be replicated to CD, mini-CD or even a biz card shaped CD, perfect for mailing, carrying with you, or even handing out as promotional items at live broadcasts, sales calls or let your website visitors download your cd presentation directly from your website.

How many pages can your Cd Presentation or Business Card CD / Biz Card Cd have? As many as you need. Just need one screen/page in your CD Presentation or Business Card CD / Biz Card CD? We can do that too.

It's the one sure way to make sure you and/or your company stay at the front of the game, and the front of the recipient's mind.

Each of our CD Presentations and Business Card CDs / Biz Card CDs is custom designed for your needs. We'll even design a matching CD label , so your CD presentation will look as professional as possible. Need your CD Presentation or Business Card CD / Biz Card CD to match your website design? We can do that too.


Enhanced CD:

Enhanced CD is an umbrella term that covers several different types of disc formats that all do basically the same thing: they allow a CD that contains both audio and computer data to play on either a CD audio player or a CD-ROM drive. They are included here under their own heading, because each of them uses a combination of at least two other colored books, and because this type of disc, in its many forms, could become the replacement for the familiar Red Book audio disc.

Most CD Audio discs are not full; most of them contain only about 60 minutes of music, leaving about 14 minutes worth of space at the outer edge of the disc empty. In the early days of CD manufacturing, this space was the hardest part of the disc to mold reliably, but advances in manufacturing have largely eliminated this problem. Meanwhile, producers of audio CDs and their recording artists were increasingly looking for a way to “enhance” their musical offerings by including other types of data: liner notes, video clips, graphics, photographs, artist bios.

For consumers with ordinary CD audio players, this information should not interfere with the normal performance of a CD audio disc; but the ever-increasing number of consumers with both a computer and CD-ROM drive and a CD audio player could view the data on their computers. The format choices for such a disc, until recently, were two: Mixed Mode or CD-i Ready.

Powerful Capabilities:

  • Flash Animation
  • Interative Menu Screen
  • User Data Collection
  • Photo Galleries
  • Electronic Press Kits
  • Music Videos
  • Online stores and ticketing
  • Lyrics
  • Biographies
  • MP3s

Interactive touch screen Kiosk:

Our interactive touch screen kiosk are designed to specifically market destination areas, enhance visitor experiences, promote local commerce, as well as supply vital tracking and analysis of visitor travel patterns.

These fun and entertaining multimedia touchscreen kiosks give visitors a unique and stimulating method to find out what to do, where to play, shop, dine, sleep and more. Our interactive touch screen kiosk display full-motion video and slide-show commercials, full-screen advertisements with custom audio pitches, and maps to local businesses with audible directions. They even print coupons and information on demand!

Easy navigation and big graphic buttons make the kiosks very easy to use and appealing to all ages, whether or not you know how to operate a computer. Our custom designs enclosures specifically to emphasize the regional culture and attract attention for enhanced usage.


Multimedia Presentation (Delivering Your Message):

Post Media Inc. has the experience and creativity to meet all your digital media needs. Our artists are experts in visually communicating ideas and can help you better package yours for the maximum impact. At the forefront of digital media technology, Post Media Inc. carefully designs each application with your individual needs in mind.

We'll incorporate high-end graphics, animation, audio, video, and interactive techniques into a presentation that can be delivered on CD-ROM, downloaded to your laptop or sent over the Internet.

  • Interactive CD-ROMs
  • Kiosk Programming
  • Trade Show Demos
  • Web Site Design
  • PowerPoint

From concept through completion we will get your message out by supplying the talent and tools needed for complete project management. Let us help you make your marketing dollars go farther!

Need to get the word out about a new product?Why not develop an interactive training CD-R to educate your sales force?

Want to send your conference attendees home with knowledge to share? You could distribute a post-conference DVD containing video footage and presentation support from the event.

Need to train your employees at multiple locations and time zones?We can develop a web-based training application built to your specifications.

Not all of your conference invitees able to attend?Have you thought about sending a VHS tape of all the guest speakers and other candid moments to those unable to attend? Or conducting a live web cast of the event?


PowerPoint Presentation:

All services are done in-house, from original creation to film output and processing. You can create your own slides, or we can produce them for you.

We specialize in CUSTOM PowerPoint design. Anyone can buy the wonderful software that manufacturers offer today. BUT, who has the time to learn how to use it efficiently and effectively? WE DO! Your time is valuable, give us your raw material and allow us to create a unique, professional-looking presentation that your audience will remember.

Please contact us for a free quotation on your project. We'll ensure your presentation will have a carefully designed, consistent and polished look.

We can work from a storyboard, text files, or a simple outline. Your input combined with our creativity and professional design experience will result in an effective presentation with IMPACT.


Virtual Tour:

To create the tours we use the iPIX® system which provides the leading immersive, 360° by 360° images for property, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, and entertainment sites.

iPIX® immersive images offer viewers the opportunity to navigate a scene on their own terms, looking in any direction, and zooming in and out as they choose. This interactive imaging experience increases buyer confidence and immerses the viewer in the photographed scene.


Website Development:

We offer a clear, understandable path to building your website.

Listen: We develop your website based on your needs. Working together to understand your business objectives, we create a blueprint that moves us to . . .

Design: Using our experience in developing websites for small businesses, we take your input from step one and design an effective, hardworking, state-of-the-art website. We tell your story on your site and prepare for . . .

Launch: We make your launch an event. We provide you with the launch pad to introduce your website to the world. Of course, this great first step is only the beginning to growing and evolving your Web presence as we . . .

Promote: Your website doesn't venture onto the Internet alone. Your site is designed from the beginning to take advantage of the wide array of marketing opportunities to drive traffic, reach your customers, and . . .

Evolve: Office Depot Website Design Center is a partner committed to working with you to help you achieve your business vision. Your success is our success.






















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