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The function of advertising is to market products and services to potential buyers in an effective and persuasive manner.

The goal of advertising is to develop awareness and recall of a product or service, and/or to build a distinctive corporate image for an advertiser. The seller determines what is to be advertised.

The media (electronic, print, outdoor or other) carry the message about the product or service to the attention of potential buyers. The link between the seller and the media is the advertising services industry. We can do that for you.


Brochure Design :

The information your clients read about your company is often their first impression of the quality of your business. No matter the size of a company, without strong well written literature, your products and services will not stand out above your competitors as it should.

Experienced in designing, developing and writing sophisticated brochures and copyright for businesses of today, Post Media Inc. can create a competitive Corporate Brochure to create the sales or promotional message you are looking to achieve.

Whether it be, for corporate brochures, internet web sites, press releases, promotional business letters, or a simple advert, we also provide solutions for your editorial needs either in English or in Spanish.

With extensive experience in print production, our design department provides advice regarding cost effective alternative corporate brochure solutions to enable you to maximise your resources with any piece of promotional work.

Post Media Inc. can fulfill all of your graphic design needs from design through to print.


Corporate CD:

Post Media Inc. can build interactive or self-running presentations specially designed to fit your needs. A presentation can be built for a single event, for continuous use, or can be built into a custom presentation template for you to use as needed.

Nothing is less effective than a business presentation that can't keep the attention of your audience. Overused clip art, canned templates, poor color combinations and awkwardly sized fonts can make a presentation hard to watch. Presentations that grab your audience and keep them riveted take time to build - time that you may not have. Post Media Inc. can help! Pricing for Presentations & Multimedia is determined by:

  • Scope of the project
  • Time constraints
  • Individual task (for example, Template design or creation of custom clip art is priced at a higher hourly rate than time used to add in simple text content)

Corporate ID:

If you wish to refresh or develop your corporate identity or logo, Post Media Inc. can present you with competitive and creative designs to promote your company with style and flair.

Taking a concept, thought or simple idea Post Media Inc. combines design experience with your company personality to produce an original corporate identity that stands out in today's graphic driven world. Additionally, this will also allow for the transfer of the corporate identity to other media.

Advertising & Slogans Creation is a very important integrated part in the development of a successful corporate identity in today's critical international market. We can assist you with creative copyright.

Post Media Inc. develop professional and hard-hitting sales slogans for your company or products. From corporate slogans, sales slogans and company motto's and phrases, we take a brief or concept and expand it into an array of proposals to the enhancement of your company.

We pride ourselves on being service based and orientated; fulfilling your business needs by providing you services that perfectly suit your specific business is our aim.


Corporate Video:

Post Media Inc. is a Full Service Production company. All stages of production, beginning with the book-production and the film realisation, up to the online cut are being supervised in our house: all parts of production are surveyed under the same roof. That means, our team draws up the concept and leads the production to the finished movie.

All parts of the production take place in close cooperation with our clients. Already in pre-visualisation detailed planning and individual consultation is to be sure. There are no limits for creative and technical demands. Komplex technical Visualisation as a 3D-animation, an interaktive DVD as a multimedia event, a virtuel character as an represantative or an online presentation through Streaming Media.

With our own 3D-department affiliated Postprduction we are prepared for any communication media.

Our cost-benefit-calculation is optimized by proceeding all phases of the production in the same production house. That means for our clients to minimize the needed production time and enables the client and it enables the producer to reconcile even the most abstract plans before the start of a production.


Digital Presentations:

The correct presentation of a company on trade fairs and other events in the age of the modern medium technology often is a logistic walk a tightrope. So the company communication functions correctly, the correct media partner should be at the round table while planning the trade fair. Besides the visualization of the trade fair concept in form of a 3D-Animation or as Stills.

Post Media Inc. offers full service support around all questions of the cinematic presentation at the exhibition booth. In the run-up Post Media Inc. advises agencies on all technical questions for the optimization of the presentation media.

Post Media Inc. focuses on new technologies such as multi-monitorings and 360 degrees environment - presentations. This way effort and products of the customers are set in scene very effective. The concept is specified individually to the desires of the company. Whether real time animated virtual characters, text animations over synchronized monitors or 3D-Visualisations on a large monitor wall.

Visually thrilling animations increase attention and interest of the audience. Techniques as for example stereoscopy point out the individuality of a presentation. Pictures combined with real movements, e.g. Motion Rides, strengthen the attractiveness of an exhibition. Take a look at one of our projects.


E-mail Promotions :

An email marketing solution that finally delivers...

Post MediaInc. is more than just an easy-to-use web-based email marketing solution. With average bounce rates of 8.3% (33% less than industry averages), Post Media Inc. gives permission marketers the tools and network integrity required to get more emails through today's heavy-duty filters.

Of course, Post Media Inc. nicely handles the basics too, like unsubscribes, click tracking, list management, comprehensive stats, personalization, and more.

Fully personalize all areas of the email - FROM, SUBJECT, BODY, and more, to optimize response. Predict whether your emails will be blocked by filters BEFORE you send with our integrated SpamScore analysis.

Track new and return clickers, participation rates, link popularity and more, for true one-to-one marketing.

Easily manage your lists with integrated subscription forms, unsubscribe handling, and bounce management. Logging in to your Report Summary Page. This tells you about campaigns in progress and previous email campaigns you have sent.


Mass Emailing :

You're ...

  • a small or mid-size business who needs a more effective and accountable way to spend marketing dollars,
  • an organization that is too reliant on printed campaigns with poor results,
  • or simply someone who has messages to get out on tight budgets and deadlines

, ... then Post Media Inc. has the perfect solution: Mass Emailing. We can provide you with a unique permission-based mailer so personalized that it can actually address your clients by name. Best of all, our custom Mass Emailing Services can monitor and track the feedback from your mailing, helping you improve customer relations, lower your marketing costs and increase your sales.

  • Avoid the hassle of doing a mass Email Campaign yourself
  • Maintain your company's integrity with our anti-spam policies
  • Personalize your outgoing messages
  • Handle your bounced-back mail automatically
  • Handle subscribes and unsubscribes automatically
  • Send message in plain text or HTML
  • Track the links your mail recipients click
  • Send emails to specific groups on you list
  • Full statistics reporting


The members of our professionally trained, award-winning photographic studio are experienced in both studio and location photography. All services are carried out in-house and we specialize in

  • fine art and antiquities
  • architectural
  • press and public relations
  • industrial
  • creative still life

Our studio is fully-equipped with both traditional film and modern digital cameras and equipment. We can provide high-resolution scans of prints, transparencies or artwork which can be copied to CD-Rom or sent via e-mail.

Our print service provides stunning high-quality digital prints (up to poster size) on 'photographic' or 'fine-art' paper which simulates the look and feel of canvas.


PowerPoint Presentations :

All services are done in-house, from original creation to film output and processing. You can create your own slides, or we can produce them for you.

We specialize in CUSTOM PowerPoint design. Anyone can buy the wonderful software that manufacturers offer today. BUT, who has the time to learn how to use it efficiently and effectively? WE DO! Your time is valuable, give us your raw material and allow us to create a unique, professional-looking presentation that your audience will remember.

Please contact us for a free quotation on your project. We'll ensure your presentation will have a carefully designed, consistent and polished look.

We can work from a storyboard, text files, or a simple outline. Your input combined with our creativity and professional design experience will result in an effective presentation with IMPACT.


Property Video Production:

We provide property video production services to on- and off-location customers. These services cover all phases of production, from planning to post production. For example, we can:

  • Conceptualize and plan a project.
  • Write a script.
  • Record video with single or multiple cameras on location or in the studio.
  • Vitual Tour.
  • Realtor presentation.
  • Edit video; digitize and compress audio and video for Web and CD-ROM delivery.
  • Plan and produce satellite conferencing or Internet streaming events.

Website Optimization :

Web site optimization is the art of "fine-tuning" your web site to improve your sites ranking or performance in the major internet search engines.

Why is web site optimization so important? Because the vast majority of traffic to your web site comes from the major internet search engines like: Yahoo!, Excite, Hot Bot, Alta-Vista, Lycos, Google, Web Crawler and others.

Optimizing your web site involves more than META tags. META tags are hidden tags that many search engines use to help index web sites. It is important to implement META tags on your site. It is even more important to correctly implement META tags for optimum results. We research your META Keywords and Descriptions for maximum effectiveness. We utilize many innovative techniques to improve your sites ranking and search engine performance.


Website Development:

We offer a clear, understandable path to building your website.

Listen: We develop your website based on your needs. Working together to understand your business objectives, we create a blueprint that moves us to . . .

Design: Using our experience in developing websites for small businesses, we take your input from step one and design an effective, hardworking, state-of-the-art website. We tell your story on your site and prepare for . . .

Launch: We make your launch an event. We provide you with the launch pad to introduce your website to the world. Of course, this great first step is only the beginning to growing and evolving your Web presence as we . . .

Promote: Your website doesn't venture onto the Internet alone. Your site is designed from the beginning to take advantage of the wide array of marketing opportunities to drive traffic, reach your customers, and . . .

Evolve: Office Depot Website Design Center is a partner committed to working with you to help you achieve your business vision. Your success is our success.



















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