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Need us to produce and broadcast your television program, show or event? Post Media Inc. can take your idea from paper to broadcast.

Studio or on location video taping of your show using broadcast quality cameras and editing equipment. Your show could be broadcast nationwide or locally according to your needs. Contact us to for further information about production of your television show.

We can also tape and edit any special event for you. Some events include, cheerleading competitions, dance recitals, other sporting competitions, ceremonies, speeches, and other events. Multiple camera switching available using broadcast quality cameras and equipment. Call to check availability for your special event. Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format. Contact us for further details.


Commercial Spots:

Increase your business outreach through television commercials. Reach a wider range of clients through this quality production service. We can write the script, cast roles, shoot the video, and edit. From initial thought to finished product. Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format.

For broadcasting services Post Media Inc. creates layouts and animations for their opener, trailer and closer. Through the cooperation of our experienced 3D department and our in-house postproduction we are able to be responsive to quick change requests and to create complex animations for individuell client wishes.

From simple titleanimation up to complex trailers with 3D-objects and extravagant animated fonts. Post Media Inc. does every service from the first layout to the final animation. Included is the creation of the Moodboard and a pre-visualisation of the animation in the form of a storyboard.

Certainly we also take on production of backgrounds and additional graphical elements such as 3D-element for Blue- or GreenScreen recordings or studio productions.

Our clients especially benefit from Captures experiences in music videos and postproduction for miscellaneous comercials and music videos. Extensive experiences with Blue- and GreenScreen, the application of models, Motion Control and perfect Match-Moving of hand camera recordings are just few examples of our Know How in that range.



This service can be used to video legal depositions or any other legal video services. Including, accident locations, traffic accidents, surveliance, legal hearings. Additional services can be provided. Please contact us for further details. Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format.


Event Production and Touring:

Post Media Inc.is a full-service event management organization and a highly effective production integrator. We provide all technical services for special events: lighting, sound and video, and offer a range of innovative rental goods and sets. We are equipped to handle overall event coordination, production management, art direction and catering needs for festivals, trade fairs, meetings, theme events, awards shows and fundraisers for any size format, from 200 to 20,000 guests. Or, if you already have production personnel in place, you may look to us to provide support or additional complement to your existing team.

We want all of your departments to know they may rely on us for any size activity they need to execute. We have found that the task of organizing special programs often falls outside the day-to-day responsibilities of many employees, and we hope you will to look to us to support those needs and alleviate the pressure. It's what we do.

Post Media Inc. is a solutions company and a complement to any creative effort. We have the ability to deliver uncompromising value and innovative production solutions. In a technical support capacity, our machinery is geared to effectively enhance overall concept and design of an event.


Multilingual Voice Over:

Using state of the art equipment and teaming highly qualified media technicians with bilingual specialists, we offer multilingual media solutions for advertising agencies, TV stations, radio stations, business telephone systems and much more!

Our services include voice over productions of video, CD, DVD, message on hold production and voice mail message production. The following is a list of multilingual media services that we offer. We can easily customize our services to meet your needs and requirements; give us a description of your project and we will quickly provide your company with a cost effective quote and proposal!

Multilingual Audio / Video Production:

  • Professional Multilingual Male and Female Voice Talent
  • Video, CD, DVD Voice Overs
  • Multilingual Subtitling
  • Corporate Video and Film Narration
  • Delivery Via: -Video -DVD -Email & FTP -Data and Audio CD -Remote Download
  • Available formats include: -Windows (.wav) -Dialogic (.vox) -U-law -ADPCM -Analog -And more!
  • File Editing & Conversion
  • Script Design and Development
  • Script Review and Analysis
  • State Of The Art Editing, Mixing and Recording Equipment

Script Development:

Script Reading and Reporting:

Our reading and reporting service offers fair, honest, balanced and impartial analysis of your screenplay or script. We will carefully read your work and write a detailed report - essentially a breakdown of structure, plot, character and dialogue - with analysis and suggestions. This provides an informed view on which parts of your script work and which parts need attention. To help stimulate the changes that need to be made the report will offer alternative ideas.

Script Synopsis:

In addition to reading and reporting on scripts, producers often ask us to write a synopsis of a script for use in development meetings. Please indicate if you require this additional service. You will find our reading and reporting rates competitive with rival services. Rest assured, we have a string of satisfied clients who have benefited from our input and expertise .

Script Development:

Our development service offers ideas, energy and inspiration. After providing an initial reading and report, clients are often so enthused by our analysis and suggestions that they want to engage us directly in the script writing process. This involves working closely, on a one-to-one level with the writer, director and /or producer and offering everything from ideas for scenes that don't seem to work, to suggestions for improving structure, character and dialogue, as well as that all-important moral support and a friendly ear.

Script Research:

Writing truism - Not knowing about the world you're trying to depict in your script is the root of all cliches! Writing from experience is fine but what if you don't know about the world you want to portray in your script? Thorough research of one's theme and subject is the answer with first hand accounts and anecdotes where possible. Post Media Inc. research service can offer the means to put the 'flesh on the bones' of your script that will give it that all-important touch of authenticity and originality. With a background in journalism and television research, let us dig out those vital nuggets of information, quirky incidents and anecdotes that you can then weave into your work.

Please visit
for more information.

Special Product Presentation:

Did you know that the combination of sight & sound increases retention of information by 50% over typical printed material? You can bring your clients up to date with any recent changes, motivate them for any sales and/or production quotas or simply thank them for a job.

With a video you can show precise methods or procedures that need to be followed. Use this for newly clients, continued training for existing employees or to train others at different locations without an instructor.

Each client could be given a Video CD (VCD) that can be played on any computer. VHS or DVD copies can also be provided for larger training sessions within a group. Contact us today for a free consultation. Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format.



Storyboard types:

"Know your audience" is a key element of successful communications; from writing scripts to making speeches, to telling jokes. And it's the same for storyboarding. Take a minute and decide who your audience will be. Who will see the finished boards? It will help you determine how and what kind of detail needs to be included.

Shooting boards:

Visually scripting a story and creating a shot list for the crew to use on the set. Called "shooting boards" because they are rough sketches that simply (but clearly) communicate the shot setups and main elements of each scene. This helps cut down the setup time and questions from crew members about the shot. Crew love the visual shot lists; distribute to your cameraman, assistant director, script supervisor, second unit director, prop department, costumer, producer, etc. It shows 'em what your thinking. Captions can hold slug lines and beginning dialogue text; camera and lighting notes; or prop and scenery notes. Use Captions to hold breakdown information.

Presentation boards:

Used when you want to communicate an idea or concept to a client or the producers, the director or the studio execs. These type of boards are usually "more polished" and are meant to impress and persuade; to sell the concept. You can use digital photos of actual locations and layer StoryBoard Quick's characters, props and other elements over the background. This can entice them as to the feasibility of the project. Captions can give character dialogue or Voice Over text along with music and/or special effects notes. The actual production notes don't need to be presented in these type of boards.

Commercial boards:

Key frames are boarded to show the story idea/concept and product placement. Since commercials are typically a minute or less, a lot of info needs to be communicated quickly. Captions can give Voice Over (announcer) dialogue and music cues. Ad agencies and commercial production houses use printed boards as well as animatics to assist client in visualizing the tempo of events as well as the idea.


Television Direction and Production:

Post Media Inc. is proud to be associated with many excellent, award-winning television projects. Many of the television programs we work on are broadcast all over the world. One of our clients has aired their program in over 30 countries.

A majority of our clients produce programming for major television networks. This programing is usually intended for both national and international broadcasts. With our experience, Post Media Inc. can help your production achieve these same "network quality" results.

Our experience spans the globe. In pursuit of our goal to offer a truly worldwide production service, we have traveled into a dozen countries on four continents to provide television production services for our clients.



Post Media Inc. helps your business reach customers, suppliers and employees in international markets. We create value for our clients by providing a full suite of globalization services including internationalization, localization, translation, cultural consulting and multilingual development.

Our uniquely flexible approach and firm dedication to service underscore all the solutions that we provide for our clients. Our ultimate service is to help your company operate more effectively around the world.

Full translation, subtitling and dubbing services for TV Programs and Multimedia projects

As a rough guide, a competent translator can complete 2500 to 3000 words per day. A Video Mexico Project Manager, who supervises each assignment from start to finish, will calculate completion time based on technicality and issues of format, style or nomenclature.

Editing is an essential part of each project, that requires additional time. At Video Mexico the editor is a translator whose qualifications match those of the original translator.

For a long project that is not yet complete in the original English version, it makes sense to get started on a completed section. We may have to assemble a team, and the best-qualified translators will have to be scheduled as far in advance as possible.

Using the SYSTRAN Translation Manager, your Video Mexico team will archive your work in translation memory, which enables us to compare new text with a previous translation. Subsequent projects--a revised manual, for example--may be much less expensive, depending on the quantity of matching text. And every project adds to an exclusive data base of terminology specific to your company.


Video Clip Production:

Every company producing music video clip should be able to accomplish this challenge. We at Post Media Inc. are aware of that and are constantly working on new concepts with our external Directors.

We are producing the video clips and consult our "externs" where it is neccessary and implement the postproduction in our own studio. This workflow has two decisive andvantages: First of all we sell our in-house services for purchase price. Every booking of external sevices is not neccessary. The leftover budget can be used for equipment. For example you might want to decide if you want to shoot your clip on 35mm instead of 16mm. Secondly, very extensive visual concepts can be realized just in time at Post Media Inc. on the short way beween Online-editing, Postproduction and 3D-Effects and animating, even immmediate projects.

The idea at Post Media Inc. always has top priority, postproduction ranks second. Concepts and straight implementation are focused. At Post Media Inc. the postproducktion is not a means to an end, it is for giving the product the right look in finishing. Our music video services are not only restricted on productions with an extremely high effort in postproduction. We also develop ideas in classical style, which we grade up with few graphical elements and a final color correction.

For the implementation of graphical more demanding solutions we are working with various Comic and Graphic artists, as well as in the departments Compositing and 3D, where we're working together with international artists.

For small budget productions, we also provide pure graphical solutions. Therefore we produce on DV, Betacam SP or Digi Beta and do the finishing in-house. Concert recordings, documentations and sound recordings - we do online-processing, and if neccessary we have different, especial cutter under contract.


























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