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Hi!, I'm Luis Gerardo Pascual, president and CEO of Post Media, Inc.

Our mission is simple: to provide first class service.

I take pride in the fact that we're straight shooters. There are no tricks in what we do, just good old-fashioned business principles.

I also want you to know that we're a small but profitable company that expects to be in business for many years. All this, of course, is due to value-conscious customers like you.

So, check us out. I sincerely believe you'll be glad you did.

:: Online Biography of Mr. Luis Gerardo Pascual

Who is Luis Gerardo Pascual?

Argentine-born in 1974. He studied Communication Arts and Marketing at prestigious Belgrano's University and holds a Master degree with honors, polishing his skills with many film industry related courses both in Argentina and the US. Since 1995 he has been producing, directing and screenwriting, gaining recognition and awards. (www.luispascual.com)

He is the president of Post Media, Inc, a Florida Corporation based in Miami, writing and producing on nearly every format in both film and videotape, producing for both the Film Industry and TV.

At the present time he is working on several feature film scripts for Hollywood as well as foreign productions in Argentina, Italy, Spain and El Salvador.

Luis Gerardo Pascual is currently recognized as one of the top ten International Screenwriters and Producers in Latin America, with an extensive career for a young talent who is only 33 years old. A detailed list of accomplishments can be found at the www.IMDb.com website.

His Company is currently representing all of his projects, feature film scripts and over 30 screenwriters and released movies worldwide.

Why is he one of Today's best kept Hollywood secrets?

His involvement and close relationship with some of the top Hollywood names as Director, Producer, Production Designer or Scriptwriter demonstrate that he is able to deliver Hollywood caliber work, even at a discount price.

Luis Pascual is currently taking full advantage of the fact that he resides in Argentina, where a favorable exchange rate works in favor of the US Investor/Entrepreneur.

Scripts that he wrote and sold for about U$ 300,000. - are currently in the market for about 1 U$ Million.

Why should I hire him here?

Aside from the financial factor that would allow you to write two movies for the price of one, Luis Pascual has already been hired by the major studios on several occasions but does not have an exclusive contract with any of them.

Luis Pascual is the result of being a very talented, multicultural, smart, creative and very driven individual with a passion for the American Film Industry. Adding to his professional talents, his integrity and honesty have also contributed to keep him very busy and bringing him closer to his Hollywood goals.

If you are looking for a professional with 15+ successful years in the industry, who has recently written 9 movies in five months and delivers Hollywood quality products at half price, then Luis Pascual is your ticket to your next box office success.

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