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Art Direction:

Art Direction is colors, lights, music, fonts, backgrounds, and choosing or creating pictures or video. When words need to evoke feelings,treat them so they send an effective message with the right tone of voice.

Art Direction is a key component of our creative services department. Under the creative and artistic vision of our President Mr. Luis G. Pascual, the Post Media Inc. design team has met the diverse challenges our multi-industry client base with grace, form, and function.

Not your average right brain, Mr. Pascual has a keen and intuitive business sense. He is always asking the right questions. What are you trying to say? Who are we saying this to? What do they want? This ultimately leads to getting the information he needs so that Post Media Inc. can make sure that we are painting the correct picture for our client.

Identifying, understanding or establishing our NEW clients' brand identity, marketing strategies, as well as learning their sales model and business model are vital steps of our approach to any creative project. We need to understand all the elements currently in place as well as plans for the future, to plan an effective communications strategy.


Commercial Spots:

Increase your business outreach through television commercials. Reach a wider range of clients through this quality production service. We can write the script, cast roles, shoot the video, and edit. From initial thought to finished product. Formats: Completed video will be delivered on desired media format.

For public broadcasting services Post Media Inc. creates layouts and animations for their opener, trailer and closer.Through the cooperation of our experienced 3D department and our in-house postproduction we are able to be responsive to quick change requests and to create complex animations for individuell client wishes.

From simple titleanimation up to complex trailers with 3D-objects and extravagant animated fonts. Post Media Inc. does every service from the first layout to the final animation. Included is the creation of the Moodboard and a pre-visualisation of the animation in the form of a storyboard.

Certainly we also take on production of backgrounds and additional graphical elements such as 3D-element for Blue- or GreenScreen recordings or studio productions.

Our clients especially benefit from Captures experiences in music videos and postproduction for miscellaneous comercials and music videos. Extensive experiences with Blue- and GreenScreen, the application of models, Motion Control and perfect Match-Moving of hand camera recordings are just few examples of our Know How in that range.



On, and offline cut of transmission contributions, trailers, spots, industrial films, etc. Possible processing: DV, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, S-VHS, HI-8, VHS, and other formats on demand.

The online processing is attained through Discreet Logics Edit with direct tie to Effect and Paint of Discreet and Digital Fusion from EyeOn. Besides various 2D and 3D effects, the whole range of programmes at Post Media Inc. for processing the material are at the client's disposal.

Preselecting the material offline is also possible with the possibility of the assumption of the EDL. With Videomachine with Jogshuttle and Betacam we can log up to four hours of raw material in offline quality.


Photo Shooting:

We've got the eye AND the technique to capture it all. The emotion, the event, the memories, the family ... trust A&J to get it right. At A&J Photography, we combine a modern photojournalistic style with a classic traditional approach to give you the absolute best of both worlds.

Why A&J Photography? We utilize top of the line digital equipment to give you the best quality, the most options, and the lowest prices. With PROFESSIONAL digital photography you get superior resolution, more options for color and cropping on your final prints, and huge savings since there is no film cost. Every image can be developed in full brilliant color, heirloom sepia, classic black and white, or colorized. Aren't choices wonderful?

Professionalism and Quality ... Expect Nothing Less We do our absolute best to go beyond your expectations. With A&J Photography you are assured professionalism, experience, courtesy, and quality, whether it's a wedding or family portrait session.


Television Direction:

Video Film & TV World provides video and television production services to International News Organizations, National Cable TV Network Shows, Syndicated Magazine Shows, Corporations, International Relief Agencies, Advertising Agencies and Public Relations Firms.

These organizations come to Video Film & TV World primarily for our international field production expertise in producing magazine features, news segments, documentaries, and corporate presentations.

In addition, Video Film & TV World can produce your project from start to finish by drawing upon the greatest pool of talented professionals to provide: Producer, Scriptwriter, Director and Editorial Services.

  • digital cinematography
  • drama/movies/commercials
  • sport
  • field production
  • video journalism
  • outside broadcast
  • general studio
  • general-purpose videography
  • news gathering

To communicate effectively and with precision, video is the ideal tool that conjugates the emotions of music and moving images, with the clarity of the written and spoken word. If you want to move your audiences, give us a call, we have the answers for your production and post production needs.

We can produce for international markets in Mexico, USA and Latinamerica, feature films, documentaries, television and DVD and Multimedia are some areas of expertise, the prices we can provide are well below the world standards, the locations are awesome and our people and staff are reliable, hardworking and very professional.

We have helped international networks like the Paulinas Network, The International Football Channel, The Weather Channel, The Korean Broadcast Corporation, TV de Wereld in Belgium, NTSC Asia and many other production companies around the world in organizing and supervising their productions in Mexico, the US, and Latinamerica, english, french and spanish speaking.


Event Art Direction:

Post Media Inc. allows motion picture and special-event producers to choose precisely the design services they need 'a la carte'.

All services are billed on an hourly basis. All labor and materials can be billed through Post Media Inc., saving production time and simplifying paperwork.

Services Available on an Individual Basis include:

  • Visual Consultation
  • Bidding
  • Set Design
  • Drawings and Sketches
  • Location Preparation
  • Set Construction
  • Special Props and Rigging
  • Special Mechanical & Visual Effects
  • Set Decoration and Table-Top.

Video Clip:

Every company producing music video clip should be able to accomplish this challenge. We at Post Media Inc. are aware of that and are constantly working on new concepts with our external Directors.

We are producing the video clips and consult our "externs" where it is neccessary and implement the postproduction in our own studio. This workflow has two decisive andvantages: First of all we sell our in-house services for purchase price. Every booking of external sevices is not neccessary. The leftover budget can be used for equipment. For example you might want to decide if you want to shoot your clip on 35mm instead of 16mm. Secondly, very extensive visual concepts can be realized just in time at Post Media Inc. on the short way beween Online-editing, Postproduction and 3D-Effects and animating, even immmediate projects.

The idea at Post Media Inc. always has top priority, postproduction ranks second. Concepts and straight implementation are focused. At Post Media Inc. the postproducktion is not a means to an end, it is for giving the product the right look in finishing. Our music video services are not only restricted on productions with an extremely high effort in postproduction. We also develop ideas in classical style, which we grade up with few graphical elements and a final color correction.

For the implementation of graphical more demanding solutions we are working with various Comic and Graphic artists, as well as in the departments Compositing and 3D, where we're working together with international artists.

For small budget productions, we also provide pure graphical solutions. Therefore we produce on DV, Betacam SP or Digi Beta and do the finishing in-house. Concert recordings, documentations and sound recordings - we do online-processing, and if neccessary we have different, especial cutter under contract.





















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