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Corporate Brochure:

The information your clients read about your company is often their first impression of the quality of your business. No matter the size of a company, without strong well written literature, your products and services will not stand out above your competitors as it should.

Experienced in designing, developing and writing sophisticated brochures and copyright for businesses of today, Post Media Inc. can create a competitive Corporate Brochure to create the sales or promotional message you are looking to achieve.

Whether it be, for corporate brochures, internet web sites, press releases, promotional business letters, or a simple advert, we also provide solutions for your editorial needs either in English or in Spanish.

With extensive experience in print production, our design department provides advice regarding cost effective alternative corporate brochure solutions to enable you to maximise your resources with any piece of promotional work.

Post Media Inc. can fulfill all of your graphic design needs from design through to print.


Computer Animation:

Post Media Inc. can bring your wildest ideas alive with animation. Where reality stops, we begin, creating twenty-four frames per second of anything you can imagine. Animations can exaggerate reality, which has been proven to stand out in a person's memory. Bring your sales pitch alive with artistic imagery.

Post Media Inc. animations can be formated for full-screen, television, or Internet viewing. Animations can be presented on film, in Flash or on video. Expand your target audience by communicating your ideas as animation.

Our animation process begins with your call, then continues as follows:

  • Brainstorming
  • Scripting
  • Thumbnails
  • Storyboarding
  • Pencil Testing
  • Recording and Mastering
  • Full Pencils or 3D Modelling
  • Inking or Skin Design
  • Backgrounds
  • Coloring
  • Filming
  • Finishing

Post Media Inc. animation services provide still images, videos, and multimedia presentations. In accident cases, a forensic computer animation may recreate how the accident occurred, illustrate how it might have been avoided, or bring to life the opinion of an expert witness. Increasingly, good computer animation approaches photorealistic quality.

    • Architectural
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Crime Scenes
    • Environmental
    • Fires and Explosions
    • General
    • Intellectual Property
    • Medical
    • Personal Injury
    • Shooting Incidents

Digital Imaging:

The scanning practices and quality control we developed for high-end paper-to-Web conversions benefit every client and every project, from basic scanning to sophisticated Web publishing applications.

We deliberately scan documents at relatively slow speeds; our staff is trained to pay close attention to image quality. Our scanned images are without skew. The text is clear and sharp. Each page-image is clean and presentable within the limits imposed by the original document quality. We know how to avoid the common pitfalls of volume document imaging: missing pages, illegible scans, inaccurate indexing and worthless, low-accuracy text capture.

From litigation support to invoices to web content, we’ve seen every document imaging scenario including fragile, antique originals, color documents, two-page spreads, unusual layouts, large formats, sheet music and more. Careful handling and processing means smaller, faster-to-download files. They're also more attractive to view, print, and use!

We’ll ask precise questions about your goals, and explore opportunities for your application that may not have occurred to you. We want you to get what you are paying for!

Document Imaging Mission Statement:

  • Offer the highest quality services available anywhere.
  • Innovate for our clients every day.
  • Address the specifics to ensure a well-considered outcome.

Game Design and Development:

We have produced several games for use on the internet using Macromedia Flash and Director. These games have been used for viral marketing campaigns as well as providing content that makes visitors come back to the site again and again.

All the games require the Macromedia Flash 6 plugin, but you should be informed if you are unable to view flash content when you try to view the games.

Our design and development services are priced on a project by project basis. When we have an agreed set of requirements we will be able to provide a quote for the whole project. This price will be based on the amount of time it takes multiplied by our rate. Should the requirements change during the project then we will requote for the project as a whole.


Graphic Design:

Graphic design projects flows from our design studio in Miami, Florida. We offer a wide range of professional graphic design and web design services that fit your budget. We can create an exciting, sharply focused, affordable solution to your graphic design and communications needs. the Post Media Inc. staff is made up of art directors, graphic artists, web designers, database experts and programmers who have the creative talent, knowledge, experience and technical resources to fulfill virtually any design or web development requirements or needs your company or organization may have.

Our design firm can create advertising, brochures, business cards, logos, websites and more. We invite you to look at our portfolio and see how we have assisted other clients with their graphics, web development and hosting needs. There you will see the work of a true design professional. Over the years, we have assisted several clients with their graphic design and website development needs. Take a look at our client list and see for yourself who we have provided our services to. Our design work has been published and used in several books, magazines, newspapers and websites. If your project needs to look great and fit in a budget, then give us a call right away. We are available for hire to perform any type of contract, on-call and freelance work you may have for our design professionals.

As your design firm, we will strive to be your sole creative resource for any and all of your graphics, web development, web hosting, website promotion and search engine optimization needs. Give us a call today and let us put our artistic and web development skills to work for you. We are affordable, professional, and likely the most important of all, we can meet a deadline. With a high-speed 24-hr internet connection, we can work with you with quite easily, whereever you are in the world.


Logo and Branding:

Your logo and brand impact how customers perceive your business. Let our experienced creative team develop an image and tag line that will get your company noticed and remembered.

Understanding your needs

From our first contact with you, our team seeks to understand the business needs of your company, as well as the message your customers will respond to.

Creative Flexibility

We give you complete flexibility while developing your logo. We can provide you with a wide array of design choices based on what we've learned about your business, or we can deliver to your precise specifications. Our goal is to make the process fit your needs and your objectives.

Deliverable results

As a business professional, you want fast results. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn an idea into a tangible, functional reality in a short time frame.



Got a great product or service but don't have any idea how to promote it?

Already have an idea but need to put it into a workable script and/or storyboard?

Looked at one of our services that said "price determined by script"?

This consulting service is for you.

Script and Storyboard writing that is written to industry standard Many notes added describing every part of the script in detail - so even the most novice can read the script and understand it easily Fast delivery - for those who don't like to wait

Script and Storyboard writing available for:

  • Feature Film
  • Television commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Product
  • Demostration videos
  • Training
  • Videos
  • Documentaries














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