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Archive Conversion:

Your "paper to digital" archive conversion is often the first critical step a small business can take to begin Web or database development.

Archive conversion can be labor-intensive and must be done with accuracy and speed. Let us turn your dusty paper business archives into vital, dynamic information and watch your profits grow! This is especially true for our small business clients that have become "swamped" by their own success!

Examples of paper to digital conversion:

Customer records are extracted from paper receipts, log books, notes, or rosters and entered into a database. Then this critical information can be easily searched, analyzed and targeted for mailings and promotions.

Inventory records are extracted from paper records, invoices or tag slips and brought into a database so you can know exactly where your money is, when to offer "specials," and when to reorder. Sketches or line art are scanned, formatted, and converted into Web-ready graphics or illustrative diagrams for your online viewers. If your small business needs to begin digital conversion of your valuable data, contact us.

If you want your team to begin the conversion process, Post Media Inc. can get you started with a spreadsheet of customer and inventory records that your team can complete. Onsite or remote training is available.



Our approach to organizing your data starts with you and the unique needs of your small business. What incoming information is critical to your decision-making process? What information deserves to be archived for periodic review?

Let Post Media Inc. analyze your information flow and create a database to generate logical reports, charts and interfaces. Good database design can minimize errors and wasted time by allowing you and your team to only enter information once. Then your data is instantly organized for future reference and analysis.

Online commerce projects generate a large volume of inventory and sales records. Don't get flooded with information! Get organized and be ready. Smart database design will allow you to monitor your bottom line easily. This frees up your time to attend to your customer service and business activities.

One factor determining the cost of database development is the current status of your data. Are your inventory and customer records currently entered into a computer program such as Quickbooks or Excel? If so, your project is off to a fast start, and will have a lower price tag.

For more information about our approach to your project, be sure to read our archive conversion section.


Internet Configurations:

Want to connect your PC or laptop to the Internet? Need advice on which Internet package to go for? Which modem should you buy?

Post Media Inc. services include advice on connecting to the Internet, installation of hardware and software, training, and technical support. With Post Media Inc., we will have you surfing the Web in the shortest possible time.

Features of our service:

  • Advice on accessing the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Installation of modems and set-up of email and WWW browser software.
  • Connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • All Post Media Inc. services include a free virus check.


Rapidly changing technologies, globalization, and evolving methods for converging voice and data networks are leading many businesses to look outside their own in-house systems for ways to support and manage these new communications options.

Post Media Inc. Network Services provide network monitoring, problem resolution, and system administration services for your voice and/or data networks.

You can select the appropriate services you need to manage your networks efficiently and turn over the responsibility for day-to-day network activities to Post Media Inc.

Post Media Inc. Network Services are ideal if you are looking for a single source of support for your communications networks yet still want to maintain a certain amount of control. We will work with you to establish Service Level Agreements that define your expected levels of service.

With the advanced processes, tools, and methodologies from Post Media Inc. Network Services, you can experience support services at a level that matches your needs.


PC Maintenance and Repair:

Whether you drive an elegant luxury automobile or a car that can accommodate the kids and the dogs, one absolute necessity for keeping the engine humming and you on the road is expert maintenance. The same is true of your business communications network. Whether you are a small business with one office or a global enterprise, your network is critical to your success and it needs every advantage you can give it to keep your business competitive and mobile. Post Media Maintenance Services can provide the expert team and tools you need to keep your vital multi-vendor communications network operating smoothly for your entire enterprise community.

The certified technicians and skilled consultants of Post Media Maintenance Services can give you powerful technical support that is tailored to meet your individual business needs. With our comprehensive and flexible Maintenance Services Agreement, you can choose the level of support that’s right for you—from remote monitoring, parts availability, to full on-site support. And with Post Media Global Services, you’ll also get something else—our solid history of performance. We have a legacy of experience in voice systems, as well as solid data and convergence expertise supporting multi-vendor and multi-technology environments.

Let us do the same for your enterprise.

With our comprehensive and flexible Maintenance Services Agreement portfolio, you can select the service solution that best fits your business.

Single View Global Services Agreement is the single point of accountability for your global multi-location, multi-technology enterprise.

Post Media Maintenance Services provide you with remote and on-site technical support for your multi-vendor data communications equipment.

Software and Applications Maintenance helps improve your software performance and system stability by supplying you with Web-based access to the Post Media Maintenance Services for software patches, bug fixes and maintenance updates, local technical assistance and software upgrades.



Post Media Inc.'s Security Consulting Services combines today's most advanced information security expertise with business-friendly methodology. The result: a sound security strategy that carefully balances critical operational requirements with vital information security needs. Here's how it is achieved:

Proven Methodology:

Our approach identifies practical strategies to enhance your security and provides the knowledge and resources for effective implementation. By combining hands-on instruction with formalized documentation, Post Media Inc. ensures that clients are equipped with the knowledge and resources to keep their information secure in the future.

Specialized Tools:

Post Media Inc. uses both proprietary and publicly available resources to expose information security vulnerabilities. With customized monitoring and analysis tools, our information security consultants are able to identify malicious activities and security vulnerabilities that are often overlooked.

Tailored Relationships:

Each relationship begins with a careful assessment of the client's unique business practices and thorough mapping of the organization's IT infrastructure. After identifying the client's core business needs, Post Media Inc. develops a customized information security solution that combines expert consulting with product and service recommendations.

World-Class Incident Response:

The Computer Emergency Team includes security experts and former leaders of U.S. Department of Defense incident response teams. Post Media Inc. is able to mobilize a team of security experts to handle any type of information security crisis. This team works quickly to define the scope of a security breach, minimize damage, and correct vulnerabilities that contributed to the event.

Unparalleled Expertise:

Post Media Inc. consultants have a proven record of success and an intimate understanding of the latest security technologies and vulnerabilities. Post Media Inc. has successfully completed security assessments and provided incident response for hundreds of organizations, including global Fortune 1000 corporations, mid-size organizations, and portions of the nation's critical IT infrastructure.


Software Development:


Our Windows skills fall in three main areas: desktop applications, client/server, and network applications (also referred to as distributed applications). With senior-level software developers, we have a talent pool that can address any Windows challenge.

Post Media Inc. engineers have written everything from kernel-level apps for NT and 2000, through shrink-wrapped consumer applications, to n-tier e-commerce applications. We're vendor-neutral, using any and all tools that will get the job done right. We use quality development processes, based on IEEE and CMM Level 2 and 3 standards. We're skilled in all the Windows OS's: 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and CE. And, we're already experienced in the newest Microsoft platform, .Net.

  • Concept to Gold Master We'll take the idea from your marketing department and bring it all the way to production status.
  • Porting to other platforms Cross-platform porting is one of our specialties. We have the resources to make your Windows apps run flawlessly in the Macintosh and Unix environments, and vice-versa.
  • Joint and co-development Post Media Inc. has integrated our development and quality assurance teams with our clients' teams, to jointly complete the projects. Through shared source control, our online bug database, and constant and accurate communication from our project managers, Post Media Inc. can strengthen your team, too.
  • Sustaining engineering Post Media Inc. can help you support products throughout their life cycles. When Post Media Inc. takes over product maintenance, it allows you to focus resources on your company's future products and services.


Our Linux experience covers a wide variety of Linux distributions and graphical user environments (XWindows, GNOME, KDE). With senior-level software developers, we have a talent pool that can address any Linux challenge, from embedded Linux to desk-top applications.

Linux Distributions:

  • Redhat
  • SuSE
  • Debian

Embedded Linux Distributions:

  • MontaVista
  • TimeSys

Cross-platform porting:

Post Media Inc. engineers are the best in the business at making your application run on multiple platforms: Windows to Linux, Linux to Macintosh OS X, Windows to Macintosh, Macintosh to Unix, or vice versa.

Concept to Gold Master:

We'll take the idea from your marketing department and bring it all the way to production status.

Embedded Systems Development:

We've developed complete custom embedded systems running Linux, from custom board support packages to drivers, boot loaders and applications.

Joint and co-development:

Post Media Inc. has integrated our development and quality assurance teams with our clients' teams, to jointly complete the projects. Through shared source control, our online defect database, and constant and accurate communication from our project managers, Post Media Inc. can strengthen your team, too.


Systems Analysis:

Getting the Requirements Right

The key to successful systems development and implementation is "Getting The Requirements Right". Many of the problems associated with implementing new business systems and the enhancement of existing business systems are attributable to business requirements issues. These include definition, feasibility, specification, communication and modification.

Bridging the Gap between Business and Information Technology

There are numerous bespoke and formal methods for managing the analysis phases of system projects. However, the key to managing the requirements stages is in the ability to practically apply methods, skills and knowledge together with a robust process for interfacing between the business and technology areas within the project environment.

The requirements of the business have to be accurately defined so that the return on investment of the project can be achieved. Without effective management and application within the requirements phases the probabilities of achieving the business objectives are significantly reduced.

No organisation can afford to employ enough business systems analysts to meet the peak demand for new and existing systems projects and this causes opportunities to improve the business being missed or delayed.

How Can We Help?

Post Media specialises in the provision of business systems analysis from early problem definition through requirements capture and analysis to logical design. We have a dedicated team of expert business system analysts who can work to your own in-house standards where required. We use the leading industry standard methods such as SSADM and The Rational Unified Process or a customised approach specific to your needs.

We provide the interface between business and information technology ensuring that the business rationale and requirements provide a solid foundation for the development of new and existing business systems. We ensure that the skills and techniques deployed are done so in a practical way so that both business stakeholders, users and technology teams can fully understand the process and ultimately approve the requirements.

Post Media Consulting believes that the main role of business systems analysis is to ensure that the identification, specification and communication of business and user requirements are clear, complete and accurate and ultimately managed in a pragmatic and practical way. We embrace this fully in the services that we offer.


Tracking System:

Post Media Inc. business and systems analysts have extensive experience in the design and implementation of systems that use leading-edge Auto-ID technologies (such as barcodes, radio frequency ID tags etc.) to track the movement of both people and/or items.


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