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PRINTING SERVICES: If you would like information on our printing services, please call or email us.
One of our representatives will contact you during normal business hours to discuss your needs:

Please visit our Glossary of Printing Terms and Resource listing before emailing us any questions.

Billing and shipping Information:
Full Name:
Prefered language:
Phone Number:
Address 2:
Zip Code:
Business Website:
How did you hear about us?:
Service you are interested in:
Job Information:
Job Name:
Airport (If Delta):

Please, give us all the information which will allow us to provide you with the best possible service and the BEST quote.

Your request will be processed promptly!

Glossary of Printing Terms and Resource listing:

ATTENTION, IF YOUR JOB IS COLOR CRITICAL!: If your job is color critical you MUST request a Matchprint® Color Proof along with your job. Matchprint® Color Proofs are not included in our prices. Color is extremely subjective, if you waive your right to a color proof, we will match color to the best of our ability and will rely solely on our judgment .
  • A .25 inch border containing no live area (mission critical text and graphics) MUST be allowed for cutting purposes.
  • The size of the printed piece will be the same as the document size listed under Page Setup in the application program.
  • Front and Back of document should be setup as two separate pages, do not create both sides in a single file or page.
  • Files should be setup at a minimum of 300dpi resolution.
  • Files must be saved in CMYK format.
  • All solid Black areas should be composed as a combination of Cyan 50%, Magenta 20%, Yellow 20%, and Black 100%.
  • We support the following file formats: EPS (Vector), TIFF (Bitmapped, No LZW Compression), JPG (Bitmapped), PDF.

PROOFING: By the time your job gets in our hands, all edits should be finalized, the copy carefully proofread and all design issues should be settled. We are not responsible for proofing any submitted jobs and we will not take any responsibility for any copy or design errors committed on your part.

CANCELLING A JOB ALREADY IN PROGRESS: Due to the nature of the 24 hour business, we process jobs as soon as we receive them. If you need to cancel an order you have placed, you must call and speak to a Post Media Inc. representative. If we can catch the job before it goes to plate, we will be happy to cancel it, but if the job is already plated and scheduled for production, you are responsible for full payment.
PRINT RESOURCE GUIDE: If you need further assistance please call 1.800.847.6719 and a Post Media, Inc. representative will assist you.

LAYING OUT YOUR DOCUMENT: The outer edge of the artwork is considered a “safety area” that is utilized for cutting. No important images or text should be placed within this area. Although an 1/8 of inch is the minimum, we strongly recommend you use a 1/4 inch (.25).

KEEP YOUR TYPE IN!: This means that a 1/4 Page flyer (4.25 x 5.5) will have to be trimmed down when cut. The end result will be a product which is roughly 4.125 x 5.375. This is true of all of our sizes except Business Cards cards which actually trim true to size at 3.5 x 2. If you are not clear on our cutting process please call a Customer Service represenative for further explanation.

I UNDERSTAND THAT SLIGHT COLOR VARIATIONS WILL OCCUR: I understand that if my job is color critical, I must purchase a Matchprint© to guarantee precise color and that the use of a Matchprint© will delay my job a minimum of 72 hours. I undertsand that my order will be tagged with Post Media Inc. in + than 7pt. type unless I call and speak to a Customer Service Agent and agree to an additional charge. I have read the FAQ and prepared my file according to the guidelines specified.

Please have your files ready. When sending files, please use file names specific to your order. For example, if you are submitting jpegs for a job named Thursday; please name the files Thurs_front.jpg and Thurs_back.jpg respectively. Please limit your file names to 10-12 characters long and try to choose a name which clearly identifies your files.

Please fill out this quote request form as detailed as possible. We will contact you within 24 hours if we have any questions regarding this quote.

Thank you for choosing Post Media, Inc. printing services!

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